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Roman Atwoods Cars Trucks Police Car Limo and More!

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Roman Atwoods Cars Trucks Police Car Limo and More!

This is a list of all the vehicles Roman and Brittney Atwood own. From Clifford the big red truck and police car to his new GT-R plus many more!

Nissan 350z

roman atwood nissan 350z

This is Romans first Nissan he bought back before his YouTube success. He has since given the car away.

Dodge Neon SRT-4

roman atwood dodge neon srt-4 catching on fire

This was Romans SRT-4 (from back in the day) where it caught on fire while driving down the highway. When police and fire department arrived they actually tried accusing him of purposely setting the car on fire.

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Roman purchased the police car in April 2015 to use for the prank he pulled on his grandma where she was caught “driving” a stolen car, recklessly, with Roman.


2015 Toyota Tundra Iforce 5.7l v8

Roman Atwoods Toyota Tundra Truck

And here’s the vlog where they pick up the new Toyota Tundra Iforce 5.7l V8!

2015 Nissan GT-R

Roman was gifted a GT-R by Nissan for using his ball prank video as one of their commercials. Check out the vlog playlist below as the GT-R gets the new Armytrix exhaust upgrade and more cool vlogs with the GT-R!

Here are some photos a soldier posted to the Roman Atwood Fan Page of the rockets he found at a local firework stand!

Here’s the brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 Roman and Brittney bought grandma for pulling the Car Bomb Prank on where they pretend to blow up her car. Such an awesome thing to do for your grandma!

roman atwood grandmas car

I’m sure you all remember this. Roman buys his dad his dream car, a brand new 2016 Corvette Stingray z07 for his birthday. Happy birthday Curtis Atwood!

roman atwood buys dad 2016 corvette z06

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