Roman Soldiers Group Rules And Guidelines

Roman Soldiers

Roman Soldiers Group Rules And Guidelines

The rule sets below are for the Roman Soldiers Group to help better organize and keep order within our community.
If these are not followed you could be removed permanently. Our mission is to do what we can to bring Roman and the Soldiers to the next level! Please read below…

All Members Section!

  1. We are a family and we must stick together! If you have a problem with another member of the group please contact an admin.
  2. Please keep all posts / content to a positive outlook.
  3. Post content that is original. Smile More / fan artwork is great!
  4. Keep language appropriate! This is a family friendly group and this must be followed or you could be removed permanently.
  5. Do NOT post your personal YouTube links.
  6. If you create a poll DO NOT “Allow members to add options”
  7. If you’re interested in helping out just let us know.


Are you a fan?!

If you see any of these rules above not being followed please copy this link and share it. The more you help out in the group the better.
If you’re interested in becoming an admin let us know!

Thanks for reading and SMILE MORE!