VitalyzdTv gets banned from NBA games!

VitalyZDTV Streaks NBA Finals Arrested & Banned From All NBA Games


VVitalyZDTV Streaks NBA Finals gets Arrested and Banned


VitalyZDTV Streaks NBA Finals Arrested and Banned From All NBA Games

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy the YouTube superstar and prankster from “Natural Born Pranksters”Β streaks again! This time he is arrested and banned from all NBA games!
While many of you may have seen him streak the World Cup in 2014, Vitaly has attempted to streak the Super Bowl on February 7, 2016 but it was a failed attempt due to the tweet he made which gained lots of attention and was eventually taken down.


Vitaly’s Video Streaking The NBA Finals!


Vitaly’s vlog update of what happened after the NBA arrest!

Here Vitaly tweets out the letter from the NBA informing him of his arena suspension


His vlog after getting out of jail!

Well looks like Vitaly will be doing a meetup and giveaway at his court appearance!

Vitaly you should go next level and streak your court appearance! Talk about epic!