WHICH TEAM ARE YOU TeamRoman TeamFousey

WHICH TEAM ARE YOU ON? #TeamRoman or #TeamFousey

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WHICH TEAM ARE YOU TeamRoman TeamFousey

WHICH TEAM ARE YOU TeamRoman TeamFousey


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So Roman and Fousey are in a little competition! This should be a very interesting next few months with the vlogs as Roman and Fousey travel the world.

For those fans lucky enough to grab tickets before they sold out, they will get the full Roman and Fousey personalized experience with the masters themselves.

Some fans we’re a little upset due to ticket sales, in some venues, tickets sold out within minutes of going on sale to the public. Hopefully this isn’t the last tour with these two, lots of fans are still missing out!

Ok, now let’s get this show on the road! Let’s see who’s got the power!! Vote below if you’re for #TeamRoman or #TeamFousey


#TeamRoman = Roman Soldiers
#TeamFousey  = Bruh Bruhs

The 2016 Roman Vs Fousey world tour is about to kick off. We’re just days away from two whole months of nonstop shows, meet and greets and an incredible live show between two of YouTubes top creators.

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